How Budd’s Builds Your New Swimming Pool

Good pool design and expert construction go hand-in-hand at Budd’s Pools & Spas. Here’s a brief look at how we build our pools.

Topographical Survey

We start your construction plan at the beginning of the design phase. It encompasses a topographical survey by a licensed engineering firm experienced in performing geotechnical surveys and reports. The report is our guide for developing an engineered drainage plan that addresses any issues with current and proposed elevations that could affect surface water drainage. When drainage isn’t adequately accounted for in the planning, its destructive consequences can affect your yard, your home, and neighboring properties. Many townships now require this survey as part of the permit process.

Built to Meet or Surpass Industry Codes and Standards

Every Budd’s pool is built to comply with the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPCA), as well as state and local codes, which often reference the International code. For more on Industry standards see the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) list of standards for residential swimming pools

On-Site Supervision

Experienced and knowledgeable Budd’s Pools & Spas specialists are on-site full-time through the entire construction process.

Built with Concrete

Pool Built with Concrete

All Budd’s Pools are constructed with steel reinforced concrete, the strongest, most durable material for outdoor pools. Concrete allows us to build pools that can be formed on site to any size and shape your design calls for. We adjust the additives and concrete formula to address any physical and environmental constraints a building site presents. Surfaces can be finished in vinyl, plaster or tile in an unlimited variety of colors and designs.

Concrete Reinforcement: The Steel Has to Be Perfect

Rebar has to be positioned perfectly to insure a successful concrete pour or shotcrete shoot.

Concrete Curing

According to ASA guidelines, “Concrete, when applied using the shotcrete process, or cast-in-place, needs to cure for 7 days.” This curing process, known as hydration, starts immediately and determines the compressive strength of your structure. Not doing this properly can compromise both the concrete finish and its structural strength. Where some builders leave it to the homeowner, Budd’s Pools & Spas sets-up and monitors a soaker hose system in your newly constructed pool shell. Depending on the weather, the size, and type of pool (poured concrete or shotcrete) Hydration takes 7-10 days. The soaker method uses minimal water, while achieving our goal of slowing down the hydration process, thus creating a stronger pool shell. We make daily trips to ensure proper application.

Concrete Structural Strength

Minimum 4,000 P.S.I. for vinyl liner poured concrete pools. Minimum 4,500 P.S.I. for shotcrete pneumatically applied concrete pools.


Our warranty includes all material and labor for life. If something goes wrong, we fix it. This warranty is also transferable.

We Service the Pools We Build

For more than 60 years, customers throughout the tri-state region have trusted Budd’s Pools & Spas to provide continuing care for their pools. Budd’s maintains a full, year-round service department.

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

Budd’s vinyl liner swimming pools are built using custom modular forms that can be configured for a variety of sizes and shapes. After digging the hole, the cast-in-place concrete forms are assembled onsite. The pool’s plumbing and electrical channels are built into the concrete forms. The steel reinforcement rods (rebar) are installed on a wall tie.

Built in about 8 Weeks

Building vinyl liner pools with this modular process gets you into your new pool sooner. Our crews can dig the hole, install the forms and pour the concrete in a matter of weeks.

10-Inch-Thick Concrete Wall System

Thicker than most home foundations build today, this structurally engineered system is a continuous pour of 4,000 P.S.I. concrete combined with the rebar reinforcement, providing you peace of mind knowing that your pool will literally be there for a lifetime.

Concrete Pool Steps and Sun Shelf

Steps from 8 to 20 feet wide, interior to exterior. No other pool step possesses the strength, look, and feel of these concrete pool steps. Other pool steps are often the weakest point of a pool structure. Bigger steps make the perfect sun shelf for lounging in the pool, and the vinyl liner covering provides the look of a gunite swimming pool.

48-Inch-High Wall Structure

Most in-ground pool wall structures are just 42 inches high, which only gives you 3 feet of water in your shallow end. With Budd’s modular concrete structure, you get an additional 6 inches of water swimming, exercising, or just plain fun.


Our warranty includes all material and labor for life. If something goes wrong, we fix it. This warranty is also transferable.

Shotcrete (Gunite) Pool Construction

Gunite Pool Construction

Budd’s Pools only uses the shotcrete process for custom pools. Most swimming pools called “gunite” are shotcrete pools because it provides greater application consistency. The wet-mix shotcrete process we use is the best way to get a precise and consistent mixture of cement, sand, and additives your pool builder has specified.

Wet-Mix Shotcrete a More Consistent Application

Gunite is a type of shotcrete differentiated as a dry-mix application. The more typical shotcrete is the wet-mix application. When applied correctly, the gunite and shotcrete methods offer equal strength. The gunite process, however, depends on a gun operator (nozzleman) who is highly skilled and attentive in maintaining the right mixture of water and dry-mix. This Water-to-Cement Ratio in the mixture is critical for concrete to cure properly.

Perfectly Formed and Placed Steel Reinforcement

We have the rebar cut and bent at a pre-fab facility using a 3-D CAD model. Every finished piece is labeled before it’s delivered to the building site, where installers carefully place and tie the rebar.

Frost Proof Tile

Extensive list of standard tile choices


Six choices of premium 12-inch Marion Ceramic pool coping. More options available.

Expansion Joint Seal

Joints subject to concrete movement are sealed by a firm, flexible, and tear resistant rubber that will protect your coping and tile from the freeze/thaw expansion. This is a must to prevent the tile/coping “pop” during the winter months.

Budd’s Pools & Spas Custom Plaster Service

The first 28 days after filling your pool with water is the most critical time for your pool’s interior plaster finish. A Budd’s Start-Up Technician, certified by the National Plasters Council, will start-up and maintain your swimming pool as outlined in the National Plasters Council Start-Up standards. This service includes all necessary chemical applications.

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