About Budd’s Pools & Spas Customer Care

We’re here to provide the services, the knowledge, the best tools, and chemicals, that will make your pool, spa, or hot tub ownership an enjoyable experience.

We want you to be able to enjoy your pool, not just work on it. Do as much as you like and can make part of your routine. Then get help for the rest—before it becomes an emergency.

Where to Find Help

Water Maintenance and Service Plans

Information on routine water maintenance, equipment care and Budd’s Pools & Spas Custom Maintenance and Service Plans

Bullfrog Hot Tub Care

For detailed information about hot tub care see our Bullfrog hot tub maintenance page

Emergency Service

Learn more about emergency service, planning ahead to avoid emergency calls, and priority service

Pool Equipment, Enhancements, and Major Upgrades

Talk to Budd’s Installation Services about enhancing your pool with new features and replacing dated or worn-out equipment

Gunite Pool Resurfacing and Restoration

Gunite pool resurfacing by certified plasterers, concrete repairs, system updates, and complete restoration services.

Vinyl liner replacement:

Replace your worn liner with a long-lasting premium vinyl liner

Pool Updates and Upgrades

See our major pool updates and upgrades page to learn about pool resurfacing, vinyl liner replacement, new coping and tile, and upgrades to your pool

How to Plan and Care for Your Pool and Spa

Make a Plan for Your Pool and Spa Care

The best way to care for your pool and spa is to start with a plan that establishes a simple routine. Routine care is the best care and your best protection against the stress of emergency service and costly damage.

Keep Balanced

Keeping your pool and spa water clean, balanced, and safe is the first order of business. Proper water maintenance and balance protects your health and keeps pool surfaces free of scale or etching.

Develop a Routine

Establish a regular schedule for testing and treating water: weekly for pools, after each use is recommended for a spa or hot tub. Pools should be tested more often when more people are using the pool, when you’re using the pool more frequently than usual, or when environmental changes, such as higher than usual water temperatures, degrade water quality.

Tests, Help, Chemicals, and Supplies

Free water testing, advice, high quality chemicals, and supplies are available at the Budd’s Pools & Spas Deptford, NJ, Store.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining healthy water also means maintaining essential equipment, such as your water pump and filter. Make cleaning or replacing your filter and keeping your pump in good working condition priorities in your maintenance routine.

Annual Water Maintenance and Service Plans

Your Budd’s Pools annual service contact is custom designed to fit your needs. We’ll survey your pool, discuss your plan options, and follow up with a detailed quotation.