Your Custom Pool Design Starts with the Plan

A great pool design can’t be built properly without an architectural plan. It’s the foundation of the entire pool design/build process. The more complete the plan, the smoother the process, the more satisfying the outcome.

Value in the Planning, Building, and Service

Chasing the lowest price for a swimming pool isn’t a plan and seldom a bargain. Finding more value starts with your choice of a swimming pool designer that builds and services premium in-ground pools. You want a professional organization you can trust, that has the skilled people and resources to design and plan your pool, build your pool, and provide a custom service plan that fits your needs.

3 Points of Value in Our Design/Build Process

These are the three points where value is created and maintained in the design/build process:

(1) Value Planed In:
Every Budd’s pool starts with a free assessment and detailed estimate that will become the basis for developing a pool plan that makes the best use of your space, meets your desires, and fits your budget.

(2) Value Built In:
The lasting value you gain in building your pool comes as much from the quality that can’t be seen as from the workmanship that’s visible. Equally important is the care the builder takes in minimizing the disruption and potential yard damage that can happen when a low-bid or inexperienced contractor undertakes a pool building project.

(3) Value Maintained:
The final test of pool value comes once the designing and building are done. Maintaining your pool should be part of your plan and budget. A quality pool builder has to be equally capable and reliable in providing the services your pool needs.

How to Prepare Your Pool Plan

Save time and frustration by taking time to prepare yourself before jumping into your pool plan. Learn more about what’s possible. Set a realistic budget. Based on your budget, prioritize the features and options that are most important.

Learn about Pool Construction

For those living in climates where winter temperatures can go below zero degrees Fahrenheit, steel reinforced concrete is the best building material for in-ground swimming pools. For more information see our Build page.

Learn about Water and Space

Get creative inspiration and useful guidance at You’ll find articles on design, construction, and water maintenance. Visit the Resources page to learn more about the pool industry and the best sources for swimming pool information.

Set Budget Parameters and Prioritize Features

Give careful thought to how much you want to invest in your project and the features that are most important. This includes the full spectrum of ways you intend to use your new pool and yard, and the number of people you may want to entertain.

Visit our Pool Gallery

View the Budd’s Pool Gallery to see examples of the luxury pools Budd’s designs and builds to fit the space, the lifestyles and budgets of each owner.

Ready to Start? Get Expert Help First

Your first step starts with a free in-home consultation. That’s all it takes. You’ll get helpful, unbiased advice on choosing the right pool and options that fit your budget and your lifestyle.

How it Works

The experts from Budd’s will help you discover the best spot to place your new pool. They’ll explore with you all the features and options available to create that custom feel for your pool and the surrounding area.

75 Pool Planning Questions We’ll Ask

After a thorough inspection of the pool site, your Budd’s planners work with you to answer more than 75 questions that guide the entire process. You can learn more about the planning process by reading “75 Questions to Answer Before Starting Your WaterSpace Design,” at the WaterSpace blog.

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