Custom PoolsLooking to recreate the resort swimming experience, with swim up bars and ledges, in your backyard? Look no further than our distinctly designed gunite pools. Gunite, or Shotkrete, pools offer limitless designs to help create your perfect, personal oasis. Our expert designers and architects apply skill and precision to bring your unique water space vision to life.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We take the extra steps to make sure your pool adheres to our high quality standards, and achieves your value and sustainability investment expectations. Most importantly, we take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on simply enjoying your water space. Click here to learn more about our process.

Here’s what we offer:

Custom PoolsTopographical Survey:
We start with a unique and engineered drainage plan, specifically designed to alleviate concerns associated with current and proposed elevations that could affect surface water drainage. We work alongside you, the homeowner, and the engineer to develop a custom plan specific to your wants and needs, your property, residence, and neighboring properties. Many townships are now requiring this survey as part of the permit process. It protects you and your water space investment.

On-Site Supervision:
During the process of “caging” the pool and “shooting” the pool, Budd’s Pools & Spas’ experienced and knowledgeable employee remains on-site to monitor work conditions and product quality. This is a quality control measure to give you, the homeowner, the peace of mind knowing that the work is done properly under the various situations or conditions (during such processes as flashing or step placement) that can arise during the construction process.

Concrete Curing:
Curing is an extremely important step in the protection of your investment. The curing process, known as hydration, starts immediately and determines the compressive strength of your structure. Not doing this properly can be devastating to the concrete and its finish. Budd’s Pools & Spas’ employees, not the homeowner, set-up and monitor a soaker hose system in your newly constructed pool shell for a period of seven to 10 days. This method uses minimal water, while achieving our goal of slowing down the hydration process, thus creating a stronger pool shell. We make daily trips to ensure proper application(s).

Custom PoolsStructure:
Minimum 4,500 P.S.I. pneumatically applied concrete pool shell

Frost Proof Tile:
Extensive list of standard tile choices

Six choices of premium 12” Marion Ceramic pool coping

Deck-O-Seal Expansion Joint:
This product is used for sealing joints subject to concrete movement to provide a firm, flexible, and tear resistant rubber that will protect your coping and tile from the freeze/thaw expansion. This is a must have to prevent the tile/coping “pop” during the winter months.

Budd’s Pools & Spas’ Exclusive White Glove Service:
This crucial service provides protection for your pool’s interior finish. The first 28 days after filling your pool with water is the most critical time, often determining the surface materials’ durability and longevity. A Budd’s Pools & Spas “Certified Start-Up Technician,” as designated by the National Plasters Council, will start-up and maintain your swimming pool as outlined in the National Plasters Council Start-Up Card. This service includes ALL necessary chemical applications. Find our credentialed employees at

Budd’s Pools & Spas’ Endless Commitment to Customer Service and Quality:
For more than 60 years, customers throughout the tri-state region have trusted Budd’s Pools & Spas for their families swimming pleasure. As a second generation, family-owned business, Budd’s Pools & Spas employs more than 100 dedicated professionals who are committed to the highest levels of quality and customer service. We employ a customer relations manager, in-field supervisors, in-store coordinators, as well as a construction superintendent who are all focused on delivering your project on-time, on-budget, and without worry.

Full, Year Round, Service Department:
Budds’ Pools & Spas service department can handle any size problem or concern in a timely manner. As a full service company, we provide you year-round peace of mind.

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