Gunite Pool Resurfacing and Renovation

Pool Restoration Overview

Gunite swimming pool restoration services range from repair and plastering to complete reconstruction.

Major pool repairs include restoring the integrity of pool surfaces, plaster repair and resurfacing, new skimmers, main drains, and replacing underground plumbing. You can also enlarge your existing pool shell to incorporate new, wider pool steps, add a sun shelf, benches, or a spa.

Gunite pool resurfacing and plastering include repair or replacement of existing tiles, coping, and expansion joints. Minor pool repairs and maintenance may also be included.

Plaster Refinishing

Plaster refinishing is performed by skilled, certified plasterers and conforms to the guidelines of the National Plasters Council (NPC). NPC’s comprehensive guidance for swimming pool plastering is recognized by the pool industry and by Health Departments at the local, state, and national level.

Surface Preparation

Pool surface conditions will be evaluated and repairs made as needed. The surface is cleaned and prepared for optimum bonding of the new plaster.

Plaster Finish Options

The traditional white plaster remains the most popular and economic choice. It provides a watertight surface that can last 10 to 15 years, though five to seven years is more typical. As with all pool finishes, service life depends on how well water balance and the pool surfaces are maintained.

Color pigments enhance the look of your plaster finish. Black and darker shades enhance reflections and add depth and drama to your WaterSpace.

Plaster Finish Options

High performance additives add to the cost but are more durable than standard plaster.

Aggregate finishes add bits of quartz, granite, marble, glass beads or river stone. They are popular for luxury pools and add color and texture to the plaster finish. Aggregate surfaces also tend to prolong the life of your pool finish. Polished aggregates are crushed fine and the finished surface is hand polished. Exposed aggregates (also called pebble finishes) are composed of river pebbles or glass beads.

Tile is popular for the coping that finishes the pool surface above the waterline. Although it’s the most expensive material to finish for your entire pool, it’s also the longest lasting and offers unending opportunities to create your own custom designs.

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