Discover the Practical Benefits of Plunge Pools

plunge pools

Plunge pools have become the hot trend for homeowners looking for a more efficient way to bring the luxury resort experience into their homes. These down-sized pools are a logical choice for small or odd shaped lots that can’t easily fit a standard swimming pool. But those with large lots are also adding a plunge pool to their outdoor living area.

Equipped with a heat pump heater and chiller, a plunge pool can provide a cool refreshing dip on a hot summer day, a soothing warmup on a cool autumn day, or a bracing cold therapy plunge on any day. Add a pump that provides a strong current to swim against, and you turn your plunge pool into a swimming pool.

Coming at the idea from the other end of the equation, Bullfrog Spas has supersized its hot tub line with the new Swim Series. Budd’s Pools & Spas recently took delivery of the company’s S150 Swim Series hot tub, which measures 12 feet in length.

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