How to Create a Home in Harmony with Water, Space and Architecture

Your home’s architecture is an essential design element in planning an outdoor living space. In his latest blog article, Chris Volk writes that harmonious design is more than a matter of style.

The idea of bringing harmony home through the careful placement and use of water and space has ancient roots,” he writes. From Asia to Europe and America, and from Confucius to Churchill, the way we shape our living environments has long been recognized as a foundational principle of living in harmony with the world around us.

In addition to gaining insights into how the spaces we build shape mood and character, you’ll find helpful resources in understanding and identifying three centuries of American homes and the styles that influence us today. Read more here at “Harmonious Outdoor Living Spaces: How Water, Space and Architecture Make Beautiful Music Together.” Read the entire series on on designing your outdoor living space and watch for more to come at