Reasons Winter Is Best Time for Hot Tub Use

Many people believe that winter is the best time for hot tub use. We agree! Here are four reasons that winter is the best time for hot tub use.

1. Breathe the Cool Air: In the Philadelphia-Delaware-South Jersey metro area, winter seldom gets too frigid to be outdoors. Our cool winter air contains less water vapor and feels easier to breath than those hot, humid summer days. It’s a great antidote to over-dry, heated indoor air.

2. Try Hot-Cold Therapy: Athletes swear by it for recovery from exercise and sports injuries. Studies suggest it provides relief from some injuries. Your wintertime hot tub is an easy way to do get hot-cold therapy. It’s an especially good way to treat your lower body. You don’t have to be an athlete to need therapy for hard-worked legs and feet. Check out this article to learn more about hot-cold therapy: 

3. Use the High Seat Cool Down: Every Bullfrog® Spas unit has a seat that’s higher than the others. It can be used as a cool down seat that’s particularly pleasurable in winter. After you’ve done a full body warm up, move over to the high seat. Your feet and lower legs remain in the water. You continue to feel warm as the cool air brings your temperature down. It’s a magical experience, breathing the cool air and watching the steam rise from your body, and yet feels deliciously warm.

4. See the Night Sky: Winter is the best time to see the night’s splendid displays. The clear air and longer nights make the stars shine brighter, and it’s easier to see meteor showers. You can even see the International Space Station orbiting the earth.

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