The Importance of Sanitizing a Spa

Sanitizing spa

The enjoyment of owning a spa comes from relaxing in warm water. Is also helps relieve aches, pains and sore muscles. With enjoyment comes the responsibility of keeping the spa water clear and sanitized. In the hot tub you want a pleasant feel to your skin and a view of clean and sparkling water.

It is imperative to check chemical levels and then balance the water at least once a week more often if the spa is used on a daily basis. Warm water, bacteria from our bodies, and algae and viruses can find their way to your spa.  Proper water balance is necessary to keep all spa users in good health and free from infection. Also, proper water balance will extend equipment life by reducing seal failure or erosion in pumps and heaters.

Test the water often and periodically utilize the Pool and Spa Company where you purchased the unit. Good companies will have an in house group of qualified certified water analysis technicians.